Story Summary

The game starts with"Robone(Rob)", an early developed robot that wakes up in a scrapyard,not knowing where he is or who he is. Additionally, he does not have any armsassembled to him. Despite not knowing where he is, the buildings' architectureand ambient sounds that the player hears solves the puzzle. Moreover, the cityencourages exploring by showing nonplayable characters like vending machinesthat talk about the epidemic in the early 2020s. And tells Robone about who heis and where he was made. Fast Rob noticed that surveillance cameras and droneswere staring at him and his defensive program went on. When Rob finally came toword with the vending machine, he asked about his illness even though being arobot. The machine informed him about an older mechanic that helps robots whodo not have the money to be repaired at a garage. All he has to do is collectten scraps of metal in exchange for the repair. When Rob collects ten scrapsand enters the older mechanic's workshop, the man recognizes him and says he isfrom the 2040s. The mechanic says that the government ordered every robot to bedestroyed when the robots became too smart and humanoid. When Rob sees theparts of robots on the wall and ground in the mechanic's shop, the player getsthe option to kill him or take his service and get repaired.